Terms of Service

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Renewal/Prepay Letters

Renewal letters will be sent out each November indicating which services we have you scheduled for in the upcoming season. This letter also includes your pre-payment amount if you choose to do so. Absence of pre-payment DOES NOT constitute the canceling of services.

Renewal of Services

All services and programs, apart from our Plug Aeration and Overseeding, continue each year automatically unless we are notified otherwise. Our customers can cancel at anytime, for any reason, with a written, verbal, or emailed communication with our office. Monies owed are due immediately upon cancellation. Refund of pre-payments for services not completed shall be done via Check or to the Credit Card that was initially used.


Upon completion of a service, an email will generally be sent out within 24hrs. This After Service Email will include what we have performed on your property, products used, technician notes, and an invoice. Please note, you must have an account on our Customer Portal to view your invoice. For customers who do not have an email on file, we will mailout a paper invoice. Please allow a few additional days for this to arrive. If you would prefer to receive a paper invoice in-lieu of the email, we are happy to make that change.


Fertilawn accepts both Checks and Credit Card payments. Services shall be billed to the Credit Card on file upon completion unless customer pre-payment has been received via Check/Credit Card prior to service. Credit Card information is kept offsite through our 100% PCI compliant vendor; we do not keep full Credit Card information in-house, nor do we have access to such information.


Customer may opt into our pre-notifications at no charge. We use automated “Text Pre-Notification”. These text messages will generally be sent to your cell phone the day before service is to be completed. If a cell phone with texting is not available, you request a traditional Call-Ahead the day before in lieu of a Text Pre-Notification. However, we do prefer to use the text message in most cases.

Budget Billing/ Installments

Budget billing takes your total service cost for the season and splits the cost over 12 monthly easy-to-budget payments. The installments shall start/renew the 1st of December each year, with the final payment November 1st. For customers signing up for budget billing mid-season, the remainder of services to be completed will be divided over the remaining months with November 1st being the last payment for that season. Additional services may be added to the installment plan OR be billed to the Credit Card on file upon completion.

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