Special Event Sprays

Have an outdoor gathering planned but worried about bugs? We got you.

When you have an outdoor party, wedding, or graduation celebration coming up, the last this you want is your guests getting eaten alive by bugs. We are happy to offer a 1 time treatment that will allow your party to be enjoyed without Mosquitoes, Biting Flies, Ticks and many other annoying insects.

Don't forget about the Skeeters

If your planning a big shindig outside, you may have thought of everything from the music and food to the lighting and making sure it it’s timed to see that beautiful Minnesota sunset. The one thing you can’t forget is we live in the land of 10,000 lakes and flying insects, such as skeeters, can create a very uncomfortable environment for your guests. Many people may try using tiki-torches and bug candles as they seem the easiest thing to get, but they really don’t work that well and you have to worry about what to do with them afterwards.

For roughly the same price, why not have us take care of the issue? We will come out 24-48 hours before your party and do a 1 time spray that is guaranteed to knock down up to 90% of those pesky insects. The best part is there is no cleanup, no mess, and no smell!


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