Keep your trees, hedges and woody shrubs looking their best. Pruning a great way to rejuvinate and promote a thicker, more lush plant. There are a few different types of pruning and trimming but here are some general benefits:

  • Reduce spread of disease by pruning infected limbs
  • Promote new growth from axillary branches of shrubs
  • Decrease nutrient usage by unwanted limbs
  • Increase aesthetics
  • Thin out old, dead branches
  • Decrease size
  • Promote Rebloom

FERTILAWN offers tree and shrub pruning throughout the year. Customers have the option of having us remove the debris offsite (disposal fee will be added) or removing the debris by themselves. It should be noted that some plants (such as lilacs) must be pruned at a certain time throughout the year to not stunt flowering.