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Richfield has been a wonderful neighbor to Fertilawn over the last 40 years. From playing hockey at the Ice Arena (and buying sticks from “Hat Trick Hockey”!) to enjoying the many walking trails and parks you have to offer, Richfield is truly exceptional! Since 1978, we have been providing our neighbors Lawn Care services that not only work, but are guaranteed leave you happy with your outdoors.  

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"We have used Fertilawn for over 20 years and have been very happy with their service and attention to detail. We love that they provide advance notice on when they will be out to service the yard and will work with us and reschedule if we don't want them here on that date. Thank you very much Fertilawn"
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Richfield MN Lawn Care Services

How about those round-a-bouts? Love them or hate them, Richfield is constantly upgrading their city and parks. Why not let us upgrade your outdoor experience? We’ve been in the area since 1978, and we know a thing or two about lawns in Richfield. From start to finish, our services are all about quality and customer satisfaction. Our lawn care technicians have the experience that you want from a Lawn Care service provider. Not only that, but when you call, 100% of our office staff have experience in Turf and will be able to answer any questions you have. No “call centers”; only Minnesota grown, lawn-loving, “MN nice” individuals dedicated to making your customer experience how it should be. Nice.

Lawn Programs for your Richfield MN Property

Richfield generally has many mature and well-aged lots that may required a special touch in keeping them looking good. Luckily, most of the time your Richfield soil is pretty dang good. With good soil, comes good turf. Our Lawn Care programs will build off of that foundation. Starting with a solid Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control schedule, and sprinkling in the special touches of Organics and Seeding, we’ve helped thousands of Richfield residents achieve beautiful lawns.

Richfield MN Grub Control and Pest Programs

Turf damage

Richfield MN Grub Issues

Did your lawn look like this last summer and fall? Many Richfield lawns have gotten decimated by Japanese and June Bug Grubs in the last few years. If your have had these kinds of issues, give us a call. We'll explain the how's, why's and what-to-dos.

Over the last few years, Richfield has seen a large increase of Japanese beetles which in turn creates problems with Grubs and turf damaging insects. Our technicians are constantly checking for Grubs. If the spot any, they will let you know ASAP and recommend our Grub Control treatment to stop them in their tracks.

We are also proud to offer our Outdoor Pest Plus Program which combines our Mosquito Barrier Spray and our Flea, Tick, and Surface Insect treatments. Additionally, your perimeter landscape will be treated to help stop bugs from entering your home.

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