Time to reapply mulch? Drop those heavy bags and let FERTILAWN take care of that for you. We offer many different types of mulch and rock to keep your planting beds clean, your soil full of nutrients and your plants healthy. From high quality, beautiful cypress to affordable hardwood to rugged river rock, there are endless types and colors to compliment your landscaping preference.

Many people ask what is better, mulch or decorative rock? The answer is………………..it depends! Because each landscape is different, the type of rock/mulch best for one may not be the best choice for a different landscape. Below is a list of advantages of each that can help you in your decision.


  • Nutrients- as mulch decomposes, nutrients such as nitrogen are released into the soil for uptake of plants
  • Soil Structure- as mulch decomposes, it creates a well aerated, well draining soil
  • Holds moisture- because of the porous state of mulch, water is able to hold moisture better
  • Free draining- because no fabric or plastic is used underneath, water is able to move freely throughout the soil into the root zone
  • Helps reduce soil/plant temperature- mulch hold less heat then rock and will keep your plants cooler
  • Can change the type and color of mulch each application
  • Easier to change the landscape around- because mulch does not require any underlayment, plants are easier to remove and replace and use considerably less labor in doing so
  • Easier on the mower- if any mulch becomes a part of the lawn, it will not hurt your mower like rock might
  • Easier to maintain an edge on planting beds without edging- on beds that have a dug out edge instead of a permanent edge (black edging/ bullet edgeing) mulched beds are easier to redo an existing edge

Decorative Rock

  • Cheaper over time- even though it is more costly to install initially, rock does not require any additions over time
  • No erosion- rock will not move or erode with wind and rain making this a good choice under drip lines or in windy areas
  • Lower maitenance/ longevity- rock will not breakdown over time and not require any more layers in the future, saving labor and material costs
  • Fire/insect/mold resistant- while neither of these have many problems with fire, insects and mold, rock will be even less susceptable
  • Keep soil dryer for certain plants- because plastic underlayment is used, less water will be penetrating to the roots. This can be good for some plants that require a drier soil
  • Easier to maintain during fall and spring- rock is much easier to clean of debris such as fallen leaves in autumn

It should be noted that BOTH types will reduce weeds. It is a common misnomer that rock reduces weeds better as it uses a plastic underlayment. This is simply untrue- while it does reduce them initially, they WILL find their way in to the rocks and grow on top of the plastic just as they will with mulch. BOTH types will require ongoing weed control.