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Tired of be unable to enjoy your outdoor areas because mosquitoes refuse to leave you alone? Our Mosquito Control Program is extremely targeted to provide a substantial reduction in Mosquito Populations on your property. 6 Visits throughout the summer to ensure minimal mosquitoes!

As a welcome to our new mosquito service customers, we’re running a spring anniversary promotion that you can’t turn down. That’s right, we’re celebrating 46 years of providing Greater Minneapolis with the best outdoor services. Simply fill out the form below and use promo code HALFOFF2024.

So, if you’re ready to try out a locally owned and operated mosquito control service, one that prides itself on doing a great job, Fertilawn will be happy to have you join our family.

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Please Note: This is for new customers only. Full Program Required.

Providing Mosquito Control and Lawn Care to the minneapolis area since 1978

Did you know our average Technician has been with us for over 7 years? A key part to our success as a company, and your lawn’s success, is the actual person who is treating your turf. Have questions? Our office staff (who also have an average of over 20 years experience) will be happy to thoroughly explain it all. 

At around the 21 day mark, we will revisit your property. We can let you know we are coming and leave a sign in your lawn. Then,  we’ll send you an After Service Report noting what we did and what we found on your property.

If at any time after we visit your property, you are not happy with the results, give us a call. We aren’t happy unless you are happy!

What was your previous technicians name? If you don’t know, that OK. You will if you sign up with us. Call our office, you’ll find out right away how we treat our customers. You aren’t just a number with us.

We’ve been servicing the Minneapolis and surround areas since 1978, creating lasting relationships with our clients. We’re here to stay.

Your Lawn. Our Passion.