organic aeration

Aerate your lawn, Feed your Soil Microbes. Its all about the SOIL.

Bloomington, Minneapolis Lawn Aerating

One of the keys to having a healthy and lush lawn is to aerate it. Sometimes what you may think is insect, under watering or fertilizing problems are actually happening simply because your soil needs some attention.┬áThere is a reason golf courses always include 2-3 aerations in their Lawn Care programs each year. While Core Aeration has long been the standard, there’s a better way now that does much more then just aerate.

Our Organic Aeration and Soil Conditioner for the Minneapolis area not only reduces your soils density (aerates it), it will substantially increase soil microbe activity. The more microbe activity, the healthier the lawn in ALL aspects. Have you ever wondered why Prairies are so fertile? This is why!

Benefits to our organic lawn aeration

Increases nutrient availability/uptake

As your microbe population increases, they help breakdown nutrients and allow them to become available for your grass.

Deepens your lawns' root system

The deeper the root system of your lawn, the longer it will stay green during drought and the better resistance it has again disease.

Decreases soil compaction

Think of your soil microbes like earthworms, as their population increases they will drastically improve how aerated your lawn is. The more aerated your soil is, the better uptake of nutrients, air, and water your lawn will have.

Does't break crabgrass barrier

Many experts fear that Core Aerating can cause a breakthrough of the crabgrass barrier. Organic Aeration does not have this issue.

Stimulates microbial respiration

Formulated with 100% organic materials, our product is specifically made to target and increase soil activity. Compared to compost, our treatment is found to increase respiration of microbes by over 100x. More Activity= healthier grass.

NO damage to sprinkler systems
NO heavy equipment
NO need to mark your irrigation system or invisible fence

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