Lawn Mowing

Profession, Reliable Weekly Lawn Maintenance for Bloomington, Edina, Richfield and Burnsville

We care about how your turf looks, not just how quick it can be done.
Homeowners and Commercial Clients can expect:

Mowing a different direction each week to prevent rutting

Cutting at the correct height for the season

Professional striping

String trimming around landscaping, curbs and pavement, and anywhere our mowers cannot reach

Blowing off grass clippings from landscaping and pavement

Clippings to be mulched and left on lawn for added organic nutrient benefits

Reliable service done on the same day each week

Friendly, courteous employees each visit

Weekly lawn mowing is an important part of a healthy turf and typically the first thing someone thinks about when they think “Lawn Care”. The truth is there are many companies out there that can take care of this for you. The issue with mowing is the low experience ceiling that leads to many “companies” starting, and subsequently, quiting in their first year. It’s important for any customer to think about these things prior to hiring their Lawn Care service provider.

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