Many lawn care companies provide mowing but make a few critical errors that result in poor turf conditions. Some examples are:

  • Mowing too short resulting in burned out turf
  • Creating “donut holes” from improper turning
  • Cutting during drought resulting in lines of dead grass
  • Scalping on uneven surfaces
  • Dull Mower blades that rip instead of cut the grass blades

FERTILAWN understands how turf works. With this understanding comes proper cultural practices. When choosing FERTILAWN the property owner can expect:

  • Mowing a different direction each week to prevent rutting
  • Cutting at the correct height for the season
  • Professional striping
  • String trimming around landscaping, curbs and pavement, and anywhere our mowers cannot reach
  • Blowing off grass clippings from landscaping and pavement
  • Clippings to be mulched and left on lawn for added organic nutrient benefits

Currently, we provide this service for Bloomington, Edina, Richfield, Eden Praire, Eagan and Burnsville. We provide homeowners with a professionally manicured lawn through the knowledge of proper cultural practices, satisfaction guaranteed!