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Low voltage lighting is a fantastic way to extend the beauty of not only your house, but the landscape and outdoor living areas that surround it. By adding a low voltage lighting scheme you can completely transform how your property comes alive at night. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination with outdoor lighting.

Why add Low Voltage Lighting to your property?

Highlight structural features on your residence- That beautiful stone veneer looks wonderful during the daytime, why not make it a stand-out during the dark? With a carefully placed lighting scheme, you can really bring out the structural features of your residence during the nighttime.
Extend time spent outdoors- Lighting for your outdoor spaces allows you to extend your time spent enjoying the outdoors. Whether it be entertaining guests on the patio, the night dives around in your pool, or just simply lounging around, lighting can help you create lasting memories during the evening.
Safety and Security- An often overlooked use for outdoor lighting is simply for security. With most of suspicious activity coming around during the night, lighting up a dark area of the property is an excellent way to decrease potential problems. Heading out of town? No worries, all of your lighting system will be on an easily adjustable timer that will work whether you are around or away on vacation.
Emphasize your gardens and landscape beds- Plant material looks simply amazing when hit with the perfect amount of light. Lighting up not only your focal point plants, but ones that may not provide that “oh” factor during the day will completely change the dynamics of your landscape during the night.
Expand Curb Appeal- One of the top reasons customers want to re-do their landscape is to add curb appeal, this is especially important to many of the residences around here that have houses in close proximity to the street. When the sun goes down, adding an outdoor lighting system will build on the curb appeal that you already have.

About our Low Voltage Lighting Systems:

-Durability- All of our systems use only heavy duty, contractor grade fixtures that last. Built to endure time, these fixtures are much more robust than anything you can find at any home improvement store.
LED Fixtures- 10 years ago, most lighting systems used halogen lights. While they are a great option, LED fixtures have grown by leaps and bounds since then. Typically speaking, halogen bulbs will last 2000 to 5000 hours total where-as most LEDs can last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours and up (often times over 10 years). This makes them extremely cost efficient over the long haul. Along with the savings from the life of the bulb, the energy usage of LED can be over 80% LESS than halogen.
-Easy to Upgrade- Want to start small? Our LED systems are extremely easy to add, remove, or upgrade/update fixtures.
Worry Free Maintenance– Because of the longevity of LED’s, typical maintenance is as easy as cleaning the lights if they get dirty and adjusting the lights as plant material grows.