Grub & Insect Control

Grubs. A huge problem Recently in the Minneapolis Area.

Over the last few years, we have seen a large increase of turf feeding insect damage. While Minneapolis and Richfield seem to have got hit the hardest, we’ve seen them throughout Bloomington and the entire metro area. Some of this outbreak can be attributed to the increase of Japanese Beetles along with environmental conditions favorable to grub and insect production. This damage can range from small spots that are easily repaired to completely ruining the existing turf.

Lately, the most common of these pests we have been seeing are White Grubs. These are the larval stages of mature beetles who feed on the roots of your beautiful turf. The life cycle of White grubs varies, but typically you have a Beetle (like Japanese Beetles or June Bugs) who will lay their eggs in the summer, before emerging. Once the larvae hatches they will begin feeding on your lawns’ roots. They will continue feeding and getting larger until fall time when they begin to dive deeper into the soil where it is warmer. Once spring time rolls around, they again head for those roots and continue feeding and growing. Once they have reached the mature size, they will begin the transformation into their adult forms, lay their eggs and emerge from the ground.

The damage that White Grubs can inflict are awful. The number one sign is a small dead area of lawn that seems to keep growing out from the middle. The area toward the edges will be able to be peeled back like freshly laid sod. Sometimes it is just a small area, while others the entire yard may be ruined.


Controlling grubs can be tough.

.Fertilawn can help. We have different options, depending on the time of year, that can help take care of these pesky insects. Typically, we do not include any type of Grub/Insect treatment in your program UNLESS you have had issues in the past or there is an on-going issue.

One VERY important note- NO company in Mn should include grub control for EVERYONE on there service. NOONE!!! If you are looking into a company who uses insecticides included in their normal programs (one of the largest nation wide companies), you need to look elsewhere. The insecticides they are using are very inexpensive, give poor results, and are neonicinoids (harms our honey bee population and non-target insects). If they were to utilize the products we use, you would find a large increases in their price.

 Our insecticides can take out not only White Grubs, but many others such as Sod Webworm, Billbug, Bluegrass Weevil and more.  Quite simply put, they work the best, are the most expensive, and are the SAFEST (non-neonicinoids) products out there. For more information on insects, see Turf Damaging Insects or Click Here.

Grub and Insect Control

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