Aeration and overseeding

Lawn looking a bit thin or bare? Aerating and overseeding will help.

Overseeding at the time of Aeration is an excellent way to re-establish damaged and/or deteriorated turf areas. Summer stress, soil compaction, thatch buildup and disease activity all affect turf density and overall health

Aeration helps to correct all of these lawn problems and overseeding introduces new, healthy, vigorous turf to the lawn.

Aeration removes thousands of small cores of soil 1″ to 3″ in length from your lawn. These cores “melt” back into the lawn after a few rainfalls and/or waterings, mixing with grass seed and thatch on your lawn. The holes created by aeration catch fertilizer, water and grass seed. Grass seed cultivates and turf roots naturally grow toward these growth packets and turf thickens in the process. Aeration holes also relieve pressure from compacted soils, letting oxygen and water move more freely into the root zone.

Why Aerate your Bloomington or minneapolis lawn

Thatch on your lawn works like a thatched roof. This layer of root, stems and other plant parts sheds water and prevents fertilizers and grass seed from moving freely into the soil. Aeration breaks through barriers allowing grass seed to reach the seed bed. Relieving soil compaction and opening up growth pockets allows for a higher rate of grass seed germination and produces a more mature, resilient turf base.

Increases both nutrient availability and uptake of your lawn

Compaction severely inhibits the root growth and uptake of nutrients in your lawn.  Aerating relieves this and allows air, nutrients and water to reach the roots.

Increases and deepens your lawns' root system

The deeper the root system of your lawn, the longer it will stay green during drought and the better resistance it has again disease.

Decreases soil compaction

Throughout the year, your lawn is subject to machine use and foot traffic that results in compaction. Aerating helps relieve this compaction, especially in clay soils.

Aerating your Bloomington or Minneapolis Lawn
Prior to aerating
Aeration for your Bloomington and Minneapolis Lawn
Right after aerating
Roots after aerating your Bloomington or Minneapols Lawn
Lawns roots growing in
Aeration in the Bloomington and Minneapols area
A thicker, more healthy lawn

Why Overseed?

Thicken up turf

Disease, drought, grub, and pet damage can create unsightly bare or thin areas. Even on mature lawns, they may tend to thin out over time. Overseeding ensures your lawn will stay thick each year.

Increases drought and disease tolerance

Grass species have come a long way. When you overseed, you’re introducing new cultivars that have much improved resistance to drought and disease.

Reduces weed presence

The #1 defense against weeds is a thick lawn. When your turf is thick, weeds will have trouble taking hold and surviving. 

Overseeding is best done when you’ve had an Aeration done or prepped the soil. While you can seed in the Spring, Fall is by far the best time for the Bloomington and Minneapolis area. It is also VERY important to use the right type, and amount, of seed along only using the highest quality. This is where many other companies fail.

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