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We know Burnsville. We’ve brought our family dogs, Odin and Jackson, to Alimagnet Dog Park. We’ve ate at J’s Family Restaurant. (Pro tip- try their Eggs Benedict!) We’ve experienced all the fun construction along the 35W bridge over the last few years. And, most importantly, we know the needs of a Burnsville lawn.

Since 1978, we have been providing quality lawn care programs to Burnsville, MN. From Fertilizing and Weed control to Lawn Renovations, let our 40 years experience guide your lawn to a happier place. 

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"Fertilawn's service is dependable and their products are of high quality. Their employees are polite and serve with friendly, warm professionalism."
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Burnsville MN Lawn Care Services

Adapting to Minnesota weather changes can be tough, we get it. Some years spring doesn’t get going until May. Here at Fertilawn we provide lawn care that will transform your landscape into a healthier version of itself— no matter the season or conditions! From start to finish, our services in Burnsville are all about quality. Our lawn care technicians are expertly trained to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. With over four decades in the industry, Fertilawn is the perfect team to cultivate your best lawn!

Lawn Programs for your Burnsville Residence

We understand that each lawn is different, and you may require a different maintenance program from your neighbors. This is why our local Burnsville lawn technicians will help develop a custom lawn care plan specifically for you, so your lawn gets what it needs when it needs it. We’ve fixed bare spots, discolored turf, insect activity, turf disease, and we are confident we can fix your lawn. Here’s what our lawn care in Burnsville can provide for you:

  • Communication: our technicians will be constantly checking for things that can improve your lawn. You’ll get reports after each treatment.
  • Fertilization using customer blended products dependent on temperature and time of year. Changing day to day.
  • Weed maintenance: prevention and elimination.
  • Grub control: prevention and treatment.
  • Soil pH adjustments as needed.
  • Customer Service that actually helps. Our office staff all have over 10 years experience in lawns.
  • And more!

Organic Aeration and Lawn Renovation

One of the keys to having a healthy and lush lawn is to aerate it. There is a reason golf courses always include 2-3 aerations in their Lawn Care programs each year. While Core Aeration has long been the standard, there’s a better way now that does much more then just aerate.

Our Organic Aeration and Soil Conditioner for the Burnsville area not only reduces your soils density (aerates it), it will substantially increase soil microbe activity. The more microbe activity, the healthier the lawn in ALL aspects. Have you ever wondered why Prairies are so fertile? This is why!

While we absolutely love our Organic Aeration, sometimes your lawn needs a little more love. If you have many bare areas, or your lawn just needs to thicken up, an Aeration and Overseeding may be just the ticket. Typically, your Burnsville lawn should have this done every handful of years to introduce new and improved varieties of grass seed that will not only give better drought and disease tolerance, but fill in better over time.

Burnsville MN Grub, Mosquito and Pest Services


Over the last few years, we have seen a large increase of turf feeding insect damage. While Minneapolis and Richfield seem to have got hit the hardest, we’ve seen them throughout Burnsville and the entire metro area. Our technicians are constantly checking for Grubs. If the spot any, they will let you know ASAP and recommend our Grub Control treatment to stop them in their tracks.

Bugs got you down? Give our Pest Control services a try. Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, and Surface Feeding insects don’t stand a chance.

Our Outdoor Pest Plus Program combines our Mosquito Barrier Spray and our Flea, Tick and Surface Insect services to create a bug free outdoors for you and your loved ones. Additionally, areas around your perimeter landscape will be treated to help stop bugs from entering your residence.

Applied by our professional applicators around your Burnsville home and yard, our Pest Plus Program works to knock down existing populations and preventing new infestations from forming, keeping you and your family safe for disease and bites

Local and Reliable Services

We are local. We are family owned and operated. We’ve been here since 1978.

As a family owned and operated company, we care about what we do. More importantly, we care about our customers and the service they receive. We believe in great service for our neighbors, plain and simple! Our lawn care technicians in Burnsville are experts in the varieties of MN turf and the issues that can come with it. When you work with Fertilawn, you don’t just get a healthy and beautiful lawn – you get peace of mind knowing we will treat your property with the attention it deserves.

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