Common Broadleaf Weeds in MN Lawns

FERTILAWN uses multiple types of products to knock back the toughest weeds. Our broadleaf weed controls are capable of controlling more than 70 different varieties of weeds, such as Dandelion, Clover, Plantain, Creeping Charlie, etc. Broadleaf weeds are controlled by spraying materials directly on to the plants leaf surface, so, please don’t dig!

Dandelions- Easily controlled and generally flower in Spring and Fall. Spring dandelions are best controlled the previous fall.
Chickweed in MN
Chickweed- Easily Controllable
Broadleaf Plantain in lawns
Broadleaf Plantain- Easily Controlled
Oxalis in MN lawns
Oxalis- Summer Annual that is moderately difficult to control due to leaf size. Note the heart shaped leaves and yellow flower.
Spurge weed MN
Spurge- A summer annual that is moderately difficult to control due to leaf size
Knotweed in MN Lawn
Knotweed- Easily Controllable
Horseweed in MN Lawn
Horseweed- Easily Controllable
Clover in MN Lawns
Clover- Broadleaf weed that can be difficult to control due to small leaves. Note the circular leaves and white flowers.

Difficult to control Broadleaf Weeds in MN Lawns

These difficult to control weeds may take all season and then some to control. In most cases, if your neighbor or neighboring property has these, you will always battle them due to their spreading habit. Beware of ANY company claiming to 100% guarantee control of these. We have a very good track record but never guarantee 100% control in the first season.

Creeping Charlie in Lawns
Creeping Charlie- One of the most difficult to control weeds that is best treated Spring and Fall. It's spreading habit makes it near impossible to keep clear when surrounding areas have it.
Thistle in MN Lawns
Thistle- These are difficult to control due to their hardiness and spreading habit. They spread by deep underground roots that spread up to 5ft.
Wild Violet in Lawns
Wild Violets- One of the most difficult to control weeds. Best if treated in the Spring and Fall. Their spreading habit, hardiness, and waxy leaf make them a fierce competitor for herbicides.
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