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Do you remember Lyndale Lanes? How about eating at Scoops during our short MN summers? We remember when you could be not just a Kennedy Eagle or Jefferson Jaguar, but a Lincoln Bear as well. Located in Bloomington, (right behind David Fongs!) Fertilawn has been providing our wonderful city with exceptional Lawn Care since 1978.  

For over four decades, we have been providing quality lawn care programs to Bloomington MN. From Fertilizing and Weed Control to Lawn Renovations, let our 40 years experience take the worry and work out having a great lawn.

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"I had spent a few years doing my own lawncare. It went okay, but I would frequently miss certain spots or create lines in my yard. I've been using Fertilawn for the last few years now and my grass has never been greener.Their technicians are friendly and can get in and out in no time. My bill is super easy to check and pay using their online portal. I plan on using Fertilawn as for the foreseeable future!"
Casey V.
Elliot Ave. Bloomington, MN

Proven Lawn Care Programs for our Bloomington MN Neighbors

We know Bloomington. Through 3 generations, we have been lucky to call Bloomington our home base. From the first phone call, to the end of the season, we want happy lawns and happy customers. Our Lawn Care programs have proven themselves, but more importantly, the customer service you’ll receive is what we believe sets us a apart. Our highly trained staff will help your lawn be at its best, and communicate with you when they feel something is going on. Did they find grubs? Are you watering too much? Too little? Any diseases showing up? If your part of our Lawn Care family, you’ll know. 

Bloomington MN Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control

Each lawn is different. If your lawn borders the river bottoms, you may have Creeping Charlie issues. Maybe you’re lawn had really bad Japanese Beetles and Grub issues, now its thin and bare. We’ve fixed bare spots, discolored turf, insect activity, turf disease, and we are confident we can help your lawn improve. When you let us take care of your Bloomington lawn, you can expect:

  • Communication: our office staff and lawn technicians will be constantly checking for things that can improve your lawn.
  • Lawn Fertilizing done right for our Minnesota climate.
  • Weed/Prevention that works. The right products, at the right time.
  • Disease/ Insect Damage: prevention and treatment
  • Helpful Tips that help with things we are not providing such and mowing and watering.
  • Easy: Our goal is to make it easy and worry free when it comes to lawn care

Bloomington MN Mosquito, Tick, Grub and Pest Services

Living in Bloomington can be a love/hate relationship. On one hand we have very mature trees/shrubs, wonderful parks, and an awesome river bottom; on the other hand Mosquitoes and Biting Insects can be a big problem during the summer. Our Mosquito Barrier Spray and Flea, Tick and Surface Insect services aim to create a bug free outdoors for you and your loved ones.

We have also seen a large increase of turf feeding insect damage in Bloomington. While Minneapolis and Richfield seem to have got hit the hardest, we’ve seen them in our city pretty regularly throughout the last few years. Our technicians are constantly checking for Grubs. If the spot any, they will let you know ASAP and recommend our Grub Control treatment to stop them in their tracks.

Organic Aeration and Lawn Renovation

Bloomington is one of the lucky cities to have pretty good dirt. However, many areas still have soil and compaction issues. Couple that with having lawns that may be 30+ years old, and you may see your turf declining over the last few years.

We love Aeration. Even more so, we love how we do Aeration. Our Organic Aeration and Soil Conditioner not only reduces your soils density (aerates it), it will substantially increase soil microbe activity. The more microbe activity, the healthier the lawn in ALL aspects. If you have ever wondered why a Prairie is so fertile, this is why.

While we absolutely love our Organic Aeration, sometimes your lawn needs a little more TLC. If you have many bare areas, or your lawn just needs to thicken up, an Aeration and Overseeding may be just the ticket. As lawns in Bloomington can be many years old, this is a great service to revitalize your turf.

Local and Reliable Services

We are local. We are family owned and operated. We’ve been here since 1978.

As a family owned and operated company, we care about what we do. More importantly, we care about our customers and the service they receive. We believe in great service for our neighbors, plain and simple! Our roots are in Bloomington and we are the experts that you deserve. When you work with Fertilawn, you don’t just get a healthy and beautiful lawn – you get peace of mind knowing we will treat your property with the attention it deserves.

"They have been taking care of my mother's yard for the past three years and it has been worry free… Can't thank you enough for the wonderful service and how kind you treat her every time you go to the house… It's like family stopping by… Thanks for the great service"
Mark H.
Chicago cir. Bloomington, MN

Providing Lawn Care to the Bloomington area since 1978

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