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Natural Organic Program

What is an Organic Fertilizer?

Natural organic fertilizers are slower releasing fertilizers compiled of organic matter; products such as Milorganite, Bone Meal, Blood Meal, and even grass clippings fall into this category. Most any plant or animal waste can be considered as an organic source. Upon the application of organic fertilizers, the organisms in your soil start working to break down and release the nutrients. Once released, their nutrients will be available in the soil profile for plant uptake. They will contribute to a healthy soil structure, promote a favorable biological environment, and reduce the amount of nutrients loss by runoff. Organic fertilizer is almost always a slow release type with a lower nutrient content (N-P-K) than conventional types. While they do typically have a lower primary nutrient content, they will normally contain many secondary and micro-nutrients.

Our  Typical Organic Program

5 applications of Organic Fertilizer throughout the growing season

Optional spot spraying for broadleaf weeds

Optional pre-emergent for crabgrass control